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Author Topic: Translation  (Read 3605 times)

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« on: April 18, 2011, 03:25:16 PM »

Just a note, if anyone has the scans I can do a rough translation...


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Re: Translation
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2011, 03:29:18 PM »

I dont have any scans but I can give the synopsis

Chapter 1 Synopsis

    * Starts with a Vanguard Fight between Morikawa's Savage King and Kai's Dragon Armored Knight
    * Miwa rubs in Morikawa's loss
    * Aichi gets laughed at in school (same as in the anime)
    * Morikawa spots his Blaster Blade and confronts him after school about it
    * Aichi loses Blaster Blade and gets a kick to the stomach
    * Morikawa challenges Kai, gambling the Blaster Blade card
    * Miwa accepts the challenge instead
    * Miwa wins the battle and claims the Blaster Blade, only have it snatched away by Kai himself
    * Kai snatches the card for a closer look as Aichi arrives begging Morikawa
    * Morikawa denies about such a card and Aichi realises Kai's holding it
    * Kai explains that its his and that the only way to get it back is via a Vanguard Fight
    * Morikawa protests, only to be told that a person like should shut up, resulting him running out of the store

    * Kai explains the rules to Aichi as they play along
    * Kai starts with Undeux, while Aichi starts with Glime
    * Kai rides with Bahr and calls Aermo as its support, ending his turn
    * Aichi rides with Marron and calls Miruburu as support
    * Lands a hit on Kai with Marron being boosted by Mirubiru
    * Kai rides the Grade 2, Dragon Armored Knight and attacks with a boost from Aermo
    * Aichi takes 1 damage from the attack
    * Aichi calls Grade 1, Knight Squire Alen with Flogal as support
    * Attacks with a boosted Alen only to be guarded by a Wyvern Knight Guard Gryphon

    * Aichi laughs and reveals the fact that he and Kai know each other saying that it's like a dream to fight with Kai
    * Aichi recalls his past and describes the Kai back then, to which in present, rejects

    * Kai rides with Dragonic Overlord and uses its ability, retiring Alen and standing back up to strike at Marron
    * Aichi guards against Dragonic Overlord with Giro

    * Aichi reminisces how he received his Blaster Blade before riding it
    * Uses Blaster Blade's ability to retire Aermo
    * Boosts Blaster Blade to attack Dragonic Overlord and inflicting the last of Kai's damage, winning the match

(The rest is the same as the anime, ending with Kai appearing at the shop once again.)

Chapter 2 Synopsis

    * Aichi arrives at the shop with Kai and Miwa already there
    * Aichi and Miwa have a Vanguard Fight as Miwa rides Cup Bowler and hits Aichi's Vanguard
    * Skips to the end of the battle with Miwa as the winner
    * Kai asks Aichi what's wrong as he seems like a different person from their fight together
    * Miwa concludes with him being the strongest in the shop considering that Kai beat those guys(Morikawa), who was beaten by
       Aichi, who was beaten by Miwa himself.
    * Kai says that winning against Aichi means nothing about winning against him
    * Kai was just about to challenge Miwa when he was interrupted by Kamui at the door

    * Kamui shouts and openly challenges whoever is the strongest in the shop
    * He gets picked up by Misaki and taken out of the store for being noisy
    * Kamui apologizes and asks Misaki who the strongest fighter is
    * Misaki points to the trio who reveals that they are in a winning triangle
    * Kamui boasts that he can beat all three and starts off with Miwa
    * Miwa loses to Kamui and suggests Kai to go next, who says that Aichi should go instead

    * Aichi starts off with Grime while Kamui starts with Battleraizer
    * Kamui goes first by riding Raizer Custom and using Battleraizer's effect to move to the rear as support powering it to 12000 already
    * Aichi rides Knight Squire Alen and ends his turn
    * Kamui proceeds by riding again with High-Powered Raizer Custom using its effect to power up to 16000
    * Aichi gains confidence and rides Blaster Blade, using its ability to retire Battleraizer
    * With High-Powered Raizer Custom back to 5000, he attacks it and wins the fight
    * Kamui declares that Aichi is his "target" from now on
    * Miwa interrupts saying that it should be him since he beaten Aichi
    * Kamui realizes that he himself, is caught in a circle of who beated who.

Chapter 3 Synopsis

    * Kamui greets Aichi along the way to Card Capital
    * Kamui asks Aichi to look at his deck and help him out with it
    * A stranger challenges Aichi, but Kamui takes it instead
    * Meanwhile, Aichi decides to buy 2 booster packs
    * An arguement breaks out as Kamui claims that the stranger has mistakenly taken his Battleraizer
    * Stranger denies of such a thing to which Kamui doesn't believe at all
    * The stranger responds by saying that Battleraizer was in his deck from the beginning only to be snatched off his hand by Misaki
    * Misaki reveals that she has memorized all the decks used in the store
    * Returning the card to Kamui, she points out that she never has seen him use Battleraizer at all, and it doesn't even work with his
    * Misaki calls him trash and to never come back to the store ever again
    * The stranger runs away with all the kids in the store staring angrily at him
    * Everyone cheers for Misaki and Kamui thanks her
    * Kamui points out that her talent is impressive and challenges her to a Vanguard Fight to which she reveals that she hasn't played
    * Aichi challenges her instead saying that he's a beginner too
    * Misaki eventually accepts the challenge
    * The shopkeeper, Shin, sheds a tear as he says that he has waited for this moment, pulling out a deck that he has made for this
    * Kamui offers to explain the rules to which Misaki declines, saying that she's seen enough to understand most of it

    * Aichi starts once again with Grime while Misaki's with Lozenge Magus
    * Shin encourages the Kamui and Aichi to image it (of her being dressed like her Vanguard), resulting in a kick to the face from herself
    * Aichi goes first and rides Marron
    * Misaki rides Circle Magus and uses Lozenge Magus' ability to shift to the back Rear Circle
    * Misaki activates Circle Magus' ability and takes a look at the top of her deck
    * She leaves the card at the top and attacks with a boosted Circle Magus
    * She reveals that the card she saw earlier was a Critical Trigger, inflicting 2 damage to Aichi straight away
    * Because Lozenge Magus boosted, she returns it to the deck

    * Shin explains that she lost both of her parents in an tragic accident at an early age
    * Kai appears and interrupts Shin's explanation saying that the ability is called "Identic Image"
    * Kai goes on to explain that she has photographic memory

    * Aichi rides Blaster Blade and calls Gallatin along with Alen
    * Aichi's attack with Blaster Blade gets guarded by Miss Mist
    * But he inflicts damage with both attacks of his Rear Guards
    * Battle heats up as Misaki rides with Promise Daughter and calls Battle Sister Chocolat and Cocoa
    * We are then shown that the battle has ended with Aichi winning
    * Seeing that Misaki's now fully into Vanguard, Shin thanks to Aichi from the bottom of his heart for widening the world around her.
    * The chapter ends with Shin saying that he(Aichi) is her "Vanguard".

Chapter 4 Synopsis

    * School just ended as Aichi approaches Morikawa to ask him to come to Card Capital with him
    * Morikawa ignores him, as Aichi continues to follow and tries to convince him
    * Morikawa tells him off saying that he's busy and he should go by himself, slamming shut the door
    * Aichi takes notice of the sign above the door saying "CF Research Club", quickly realizing that the CF could mean Card Fight
    * Aichi is soon caught at the door by Mark, who greets and asks him if he had wanted to join the club, to which he replied yes
    * Mark says "too bad" and offers Aichi to come in as he breaks some news to the club

    * Morikawa questions him Aichi why he came before noticing that Mark was about announce some good news and some bad news
    * The good news is, Aichi is hopes to join the club, surprising everyone in the club
    * Bad news, from today, the club will be abolished due to everyone in club receiving failing marks for Mark's test.
    * Mark shouts out aloud the marks, Akamori, 35 points, Izaki, 25 points, Morikawa, 20 points and Inenaga, 30 points
    * Mark states that the passing mark was 40 and that the club's average is 27.5
    * Izaki questions Mark if the club won't be abolished if they can get their average score to 40 or higher, to which Mark replied yes
    * Izaki then asks what's Aichi's score to which Mark answers, 95 points
    * Everyone celebrates realising that Aichi's score brings them to an average score of 41 points, saving the club
    * Mark adds that he did not say that Aichi is joining the club, rather that he is "hoping" to join
    * Ignoring the chance that Aichi could decide to join, Morikawa still refuses to have Aichi join, challenging him to a Card Fight to
       determine whether he's qualified or not
    * Aichi agrees saying that as a Vanguard Fighter he understands what Morikawa is trying to say
    * Morikawa declares that he'll never defeat him no matter what ignoring Izaki's protests

    * The fight is shown with Aichi riding Alen and calling Flogal as Rear Guard support and inflicting damage to Morikawa
    * Morikawa rides a Spark Brother unit and calls Gyro Slinger to attack, only to be guarded by Wingal
    * Morikawa continues his attack with his Vanguard and hits Aichi's Alen
    * On the next turn, Aichi rides Blaster Blade and hits Morikawa's Vanguard
    * Both are shown at 4 damage each, with the club members being surprised at Aichi
    * Morikawa begins to worry now that Blaster Blade is on the field and how Aichi is acting so confident during this fight
    * He goes all out, riding the Grade 3 Spark Brother, Shogun Seyfried, and attacks with it
    * Aichi blocks with Giro, but Morikawa Twin Drive checks and reveals, Unite Attacker, activating Seyfried's ability (When drive check
       reveals a Grade 3 Spark Brothers, call that card to Rear Guard
    * Seyfried's attack gets guarded but the Rear Guard manages to land a blow on Blaster Blade
    * Morikawa brags how his Blaster Blade can't hurt him with his 9000 attack power anymore
    * But Aichi soon corrects him saying that he became a Vanguard Fighter thanks to all the people he fought against in Card Capital,
       and that Blaster Blade wasn't the only trump card he had
    * Aichi rides with Alfred - Early, using its effect to call Blaster Blade to Rear Guard and activating its ability to retire Unite Attacker
    * Aichi calls and boosts Blaster Blade with Guraimu attacking him and inflicting the 5th damage
    * Finally, Aichi goes for the final blow and defeats him with Alfred - Early

    * Everyone is shocked to see that Aichi had won at first, but soon breaks into a celebration
    * Aichi asks Morikawa to come with him to Card Capital again
    * Next we see Morikawa reluctantly following Aichi to the shop
    * He asks why is he doing all of this, even when he stole his card
    * Aichi responds that they both have the same goal and that they both wanted to become stronger in Vanguard
    * He adds, because of this, they should use each other's strengths and and get stronger together
    * With that, Morikawa breaks the hostility and we see the both getting along and laughing
    * At the shop, they were greeted by Shin, Misaki, Miwa, Kai and Kamui
    * Chapter ends with a mysterious player hanging nearing the entrance of the shop with some kind of glove

Chapter 5 Synopsis

    * An unknown person is shown flicking Vanguard cards at a board on the wall like darts
    * The person comments how its boring and questions if he had become too strong and mentions Kai's name

    * Meanwhile, Aichi leaves his house only to have Kamui waiting for him by the gates to go Card Capital together
    * Aichi asks why does Kamui go to Card Capital when his home is so far away from it
    * Kamui replies that he met Aichi thanks to the shop, and mentions something about his local shop
    * The two arrive at the shop with Kamui openly declaring that the shop's best combination has entered
    * Kamui notices a gathering at the far end of the shop around Morikawa and a long-haired Vanguard Fighter, both wearing identical
    * The other fighter declares an attack with his Machining Stag Beetle, causing Morikawa to Damage Check
    * The other guy asks if it was a "blank" and orders him to put that card into the Damage Zone
    * Morikawa reluctantly places the final card into the Damage Zone and receives a shock across his whole body, to which the other
       player laughs at
    * Aichi and Kamui rushes up to catch Morikawa as he falls off to the side of his chair, managing to say that the guy is bad before
       falling unconscious
    * Kamui recognises the glove Morikawa was wearing as a Vanguard Glove and explains to Aichi that its made to give shocks to the
       fighter once they put a card into the Damage Zone
    * Kamui confronts him, calling him a member of "Foo Fighters", a card gang who plays Vanguard as a way to hurt others
    * The silver hair comments on how informed he is, and wonders which shop did he come from
    * Aichi soon realises that his local shop must've been affected by the gang
    * The Foo Fighter member shouts at the other kids in the shop how by playing such weak and safe Card Fights that they won't get
       anywhere with that, and that only by a serious fight can one grow
    * He offers to show pain to everyone thanks to the Vanguard Glove, challenging anyone to come and fight
    * Misaki is seen looking after the unconscious Morikawa, and takes off her shopkeeper apron and stands to fight, only to be
       interrupted by Kamui, who is then told to move away by Kai
    * Kai enters the shop asking if someone said anything about a "real fight"
    * The Foo Fighter member accepts his challenge and the two sits at a table with their decks ready
    * Despite Aichi's warnings and tellings of what happened to Morikawa with those Vanguard Gloves, Kai calmly tells him not to worry
       as he puts them on
    * Hearing Kai's name, the Foo Fighter thinks of where has he heard of his name

    * The fight starts with Kai's Lizard Runner Undeux and the Foo Fighter's Machining Worker Ant
    * Kai goes first, riding Bahr
    * The other fighter rides Machining Hornet and attacks Bahr, to which Kai doesn't block
    * All seems fine till he places the card into the Damage Zone and receiving a powerful shock
    * The Foo Fighter questions him if that hurted or not
    * Kai continues to ignore his brags as he proceeds to ride with Velikosti Dragon and attacks with it
    * The Foo Fighter guards with Shelter Beetle and laughs at how he doesn't take any damage
    * Next is his turn, riding with Machining Mantis and attacking once again
    * Kai doesn't block again and the Foo Fighter member reveals a critical trigger
    * Kai takes another shock, but continues to fight calmly, riding a Grade 2, Resting Dragon Struycken with 10000 Power (Effect: When
       this Unit isn't boosted, during its attack it gains +5000, and the Unit you rode ontop of this card gains +5000 Power and +1 Critical
    * Kai ends his turn without attacking
    * The Foo Fighter member laughs at Kai's move and asks if its because of the fear that's gotten to him
    * He rides Machining Stag Beetle (Effect: Call 2 Units from the Soul to Rear Guard in Rested position, This Unit gains the combined
       powers of the two Rear Guards)
    * The Foo Fighter attacks and inflicts damage to Kai for the third time
    * Kai gets shocked by the glove again and questions him if that's really what a Foo Fighter's "real fight" truely is and mocks him
    * He announces to show him what a "real fight" is with raging flames
    * Finally Kai rides Dragonic Overlord and activates its Counter Blast
    * He attacks a Rear Guard to which the Foo Fighter now nervously guards, only to have the attack go through thanks to a critical
    * Dragonic Overlord stands again and attacks the second Rear Guard to which the Foo Fighter doesn't block
    * Once again, another Critical Trigger is revealed as he retires the Rear Guard
    * At last, Dragonic Overlord hits Machining Stag Beetle for a total of 4 damage
    * The Foo Fighter finally realises that Kai Toshiki was the one, the leader of the Foo Fighters, Ren Suzugamori was looking for
    * Now scared, the Foo Fighter member prepares to place all 4 cards into the Damage Zone, but flees from the idea, running out of
       the store immediately
    * Misaki chases after him whilst Kamui stands there awed at how Kai could beat a Foo Fighter
    * Chapter concludes with Kai thinking to himself, realising that "Ren" is in town as we see this Ren standing on the railings atop of
       some building looking down on the town

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Read a speech at a very formative.
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