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Author Topic: link joker deck help  (Read 642 times)

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link joker deck help
« on: November 14, 2015, 03:31:59 PM »

i need a hand with my link joker deck its a mix of massiah and star vader. my play style is sort of tactical but very aggressive when i have the right cards>
here is the deck list:
Grade 4
Genesis dragon judgment Messiah X2
nebula dragon maximum seal dragon
snow element blizza
rain element Madew
Grade 3
alter ego messiah X2
Star vader freeze ray dragon
star vader infinite zero dragon 
cradle of the stars stellar maker
knight of entropy 
twilight baron
wings of phenomenon wing matter
Grade 2
star vader mobius breath dragon
sunset edge duskblade X2
lady battler of the gravity well
awaking messiah X3
lightspeed cheetah
unrivaled star vader radon
Grade 1
destiny dealer 
paradox nail fenrir
lady keeper of the virtual reality X2
grab had gorilla X2
protosun dracokid 
star vader aurora eagle
lockbreaker riddle biter
mana shot star vader neon
Grade 0
neon messiah 
asteroid wolf X4 (crit)
star vader spark doll X4 (crit)
beloved child of superstring theory X1 (draw)
star vader jeiratail X3 (draw) 
star vader stellar garage X2 (heal)
lady healer of the torn world X2 (heal)
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