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Author Topic: Paladins Stand and Fight!  (Read 1612 times)

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Paladin Darren

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Paladins Stand and Fight!
« on: March 29, 2011, 12:20:50 AM »

Grade 0 - 18:

Barkgal (x2)
Bringer of Good Luck Epona [Critical Trigger] (x4)
Flogal [Stand Trigger] (x4)
Knight of the Future Llew [Critical Trigger] (x4)
Yggdrasil Maiden Elaine [Heal Trigger] (x4)

Grade 1 - 17

Flash Shield Isolde (x4)
Knight of Rose Morganna (x2)
Lake Maiden Lein (x4)
Starlight Unicorn (x3)
Wingal (x4)

Grade 2 - 10

Blaster Blade (x4)
Knight of Silence Gallatin (x3)
Knight of the Harp Tristan (x3)

Grade 3 - 5

Demon Killer Knight Lohengrin (x1)
King of Knights Alfred (x2)
Solitary Knight Gancelot (x2)

This deck was originally going to be a Blaster Blade deck, but as I was doing it, more ideas came to mind and it became this. Its basically a beatdown style with enough defense to keep me from taking heavy damage. The trigger selection is for my play-style because I'd rather stand units than draw and healing seems important too. Two Barkgals are in case the opponent has something to retire rear guards because I'd want to be able to utilize its ability if I can. Any advice would be helpful and I'd also love to try the deck out in a cardfight.
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