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Author Topic: Gear Chronicle (Chrono Jet Dragon) Update  (Read 463 times)

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Gear Chronicle (Chrono Jet Dragon) Update
« on: March 26, 2015, 04:24:33 PM »

Chrono Jet is back with the new supports.

x1 Timepiece Dracokid (First Vanguard)
x4 Throbbing Worker (Critical)
x2 Steam Battler, Dadasig (Critical)
x4 Luckypot Dracokid (Draw)
x2 Steam Knight, Shu Sin (Draw)
x4 Steam Maiden, Uluru (Heal)

Grade 1 x14
x4 Steam Maiden, Alulim (PG)
x4 Steam Breath Dragon (Strider)
x3 Steam Fighter, Mesuhede (Promo)
x3 Mistgazer Dragon

Grade 2 x11
x4 Glimmer Breath Dragon
x4 Steam Maiden, Ishin
x3 Steam Fighter, Amber

Grade 3 x8
x4 Chronojet Dragon
x4 Divergence Dragon

G Zone x8
x4 Interdimensional Dragon, Ragnaclock Dragon
x2 Interdimensional Dragon, Fate Rider Dragon
x2 Interdimensional Dragon, Lost Age Dragon
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