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Author Topic: Gold Paladin (Bluish Flame Liberators) Deck Profile  (Read 1396 times)

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Gold Paladin (Bluish Flame Liberators) Deck Profile
« on: December 13, 2014, 05:41:46 AM »

Grade 0x18
x2 Fire Passion Liberator, Guido (First Vanguard)
x4 Flame of Victory (Critical)
x4 Steel Edge Liberator, Aruira (Critical)
x4 Catchgal Liberator (Stand)
x4 Liberator of Holy Tree, Elkia (Heal)

Grade 1 x13
x4 May Rain Liberator, Bruno
x3 Physical Force Liberator, Zorron
x3 Shine Formation Liberator, Eldol (PG)
x2 Future Liberator, Llew
x1 Sword Formation Liberator, Igraine (QW)

Grade 2 x11
x4 Liberator of Oath, Aglovale (Mate)
x4 Liberator of Destiny, Aglovale (Mate)
x3 Overcast Liberator, Geraint

Grade 3 x8
x4 Bluish Flame Liberator, Prominence Glare (Legion)
x4 Bluish Flame Liberator, Percival (Legion)
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