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Author Topic: The Officially Unofficial Guide to BT14 (Starring Kota)  (Read 1384 times)

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The Officially Unofficial Guide to BT14 (Starring Kota)
« on: December 07, 2013, 08:02:54 PM »

I'm not even going to start on what's going on with this...  Instead, I'm just going to toss some Official Unofficial Update downloads at you.

Here's how this works (If you have to ask someone what to do by after being linked to this page, I'm going to deem no one's allowed to help you, because I'm going to make this clear as day, k?):

If you get THIS update file, it will be a full version.  You will download, extract, and replace your old Cray Online or create a new one.  The only thing you will keep is your Decks (and some of them might be broken if you've used other unofficial updates).  If you are computer literate enough to know how to PLAY Cray Online, you are computer literate enough to know how to do this.  Enjoy:

If you get THIS update file, it will be a partial version.  Don't bother merging these; delete your old images folder and then extract this into Cray Online's folder.  Replace the .db with this one.  Congratulations, you have officially updated, enjoy:

If you play Genesis or Gold Paladin frequently and used any of the unofficial updates for either of these clans, I apologize that your decks may be broken.  This is due to temporary set ID's being incorrect and now fixed in the new update.  This may cause the following problems:

"Someone help me?  Cray Online won't open!"  This is due to the auto-open last deck feature.  Solution:  Delete Settings.xml, try again.  Whatever deck you had open last will need to be deleted and rebuilt.

"I can't connect to anyone, and when I do, they can't see my cards!  Plzhlpkthx?"  This is due to whoever can't see not having cards in their database that are in your deck.  Solution:  Strongly recommend this update and call it a fix.

"Omg, new cards OP"  This is due to a phenomenon called power creep, which is largely unaffected by this update.  Solution:  Get over yourself.

"QW too strong!"  This is simply a failure of understanding on your part, which I'm afraid I can't help you with.  Solution:  Learn the weaknesses of cards.

"How do I find <insert card name here>?"  This is a lack of understanding of how to use search functions and I must apologize for your dim-wittedness.  Solution:  Use the Advanced Search function if the name in the database is different than the one you know.

Summary:  Complete update for BT14.  Yes, that's right, it's finished.  Absolutely and truly.  It's done, it's over with, and you can all stop bugging me about updates.  You'll all also note that this is unofficial.  That's right, people, I'm NOT the one who usually does the updates.  And if you continue to bug me again, I will NEVER share updates again.  This is 5 DAYS EARLY, people.  5!!!!  DO NOT BUG ME ANYMORE!!!  EVER!

Also, please note that the following link is required reading for all cardfighters on Evolve:  These are the chat rules.  EVERYONE is required to know them and be able to understand what is going on when they are warned.  WARNING:  If you receive a warning and do not recognize it, you WILL be kicked.  Failure to comprehend again afterwards WILL result in a temporary ban.  Do NOT try my patience a third time.

With all of that unpleasant business out of the way, we can finally begin!  Let's imagine!  Let's vanguard!!!
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